Key Cutting & Duplication in NYC

If you have a broken key and aren’t able to get the original working, you should consider getting duplicate keys made. Rather than making your own duplicate keys, you should hire someone with key cutting and duplication experience. These individuals are trained to make your key work properly. There are a few things to keep in mind before getting a duplicated key. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Alignment of the blank is crucial for accurate cutting. In a key cutting machine, the original key is placed in a vice near a guide and the blank in the cutting wheel. An alignment device keeps the keys at the same position and distance from the cutting wheel. The key blank is dragged along the cutting wheel as the user follows the guide. The process can be repeated as long as the key is at the same distance from the cutting wheel.

Precision is essential when cutting a duplicate key. The cuts of a standard key are too deep and too far back. The cuts must match the exact depth and angle of the lock. A perfectly cut key must have the correct number on its head. A damaged original key can prevent a perfect duplicate. If this occurs, you should contact a locksmith immediately. If you can’t get the key in time, you can make it more difficult to unlock your car.

Depending on the complexity of the key, you may want to get it duplicated by a professional locksmith. A skilled professional can usually duplicate a standard key within a few minutes, while a more complex key may take twenty to thirty minutes. This timeframe will depend on your location. Self-service key-cutting kiosks are also available at many hardware stores and big box chain stores. These machines are generally less reliable and may not be maintained properly.

Duplicating a car key is an easy and affordable option, but it isn’t the best option. Car keys are different from remote controls and require specific skills to make them work correctly. If you’re concerned about the safety of your car, you should consider a lock replacement instead. Key Cutting & Duplication in NYC can ensure your vehicle’s safety. Our expert locksmiths can make duplicate keys for any type of car.

If you’re unsure whether your locksmith is authorized to duplicate your keys, you should consider asking for proof of identification. Some locksmiths also require IDs before cutting keys. It’s important to find a trusted key duplication service to make sure your keys are safe and working properly. They’ll be able to duplicate your keys according to your specifications. Once you’ve found a reliable locksmith, you can trust them with your property security.

A key can be difficult to duplicate. Many types of keys are designed to be difficult to duplicate. Medeco keys are a prime example. In addition to this, some keys are stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” to prevent anyone from copying them. While these keys may look incredibly valuable, they’re no more secure than those with “Do Not Duplicate” written on them. That’s why it’s so important to choose a professional locksmith.